Hello and welcome back to our weapons & the first world war series where today is all about the military motor bus. It started way back in 1908, when the British government put everyday busses through their paces in order to see if they could be used to transport soldiers in the event of war. The outcome was that they were deemed acceptable and it was decided if the event of war ever arose, they would be called upon. 

When the first world war broke in 1914, Winston Churchill asked the London General Omnibus Company to provide busses to transport Britain’s soldiers to France. Volunteers were also needed from their crews, with 75 members coming forward. These men found themselves part of the Royal Marines. 

By September 1914, 75 crews, along with their Daimler buses had been shipped to France to help with the war effort. Although some were captured by the German’s, the majority were still in use by the British at the end of the first world war.