Hello everyone and welcome back to our weapons & the first world war series where today we are talking all about Big Bertha. Big Bertha was a German mobile howitzer that was named after the inventor Alfred Krupp’s wife. 

Big Bertha got it’s name because it weighed in at a staggering 45 tonnes. She could fire a 2,200lb shell over 9 miles and so played a huge part in the German fight. Due to her size however, Big Betha had to be transported in sections by Daimler-Bentz tractors and then pieced back together again once in position. This usually took a crew of 200 men over 6 hours to re-assemble. 

When war broke out, two Big Betha’s had been situated just outside the fortress of Liege in Belgium, where they played a huge part of securing the town and surrounding area. This was an area that was fought over many times, with Big Bertha being right at the centre.